Acid Base and Electrolyte Disorders

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An uncommon cause of acidosis in a haemodialysis patient
Woywodt A, Kielstein JT, Haller H
Nephrol Dial Transplant 17: 929-930 (2002) (05/2008)
<b>An uncommon cause of acidosis in a haemodialysis patient</b> View Paper (pdf, 107 KB)

Hypercalcemia due to talc granulomatosis
Woywodt A, Schneider W, Goebel U, Luft FC
Chest 177(4): 1195-1196 (03/2000)
<b>Hypercalcemia due to talc granulomatosis</b> View Paper (pdf, 0.9 MB)

Severe hypokalaemia: is one reason enough?
Woywodt A, Hermann A, Haller H, Haubitz M
Nephrol Dial Transplant online (10/2004)
<b>Severe hypokalaemia: is one reason enough?</b> View Paper (pdf, 212 KB)

Teaching point: The tell-tale urinary chloride
Woywodt A, Herrmann A, Eisenberger U, Schwarz A, Haller H
Nephrol, Dial, Transplant 16: 1066-1068 (04/2001)
<b>Teaching point: The tell-tale urinary chloride</b> View Paper (pdf, 72 KB)

Turkish pepper (extra hot)
Woywodt A, Herrmann A, Choi M, Goebel U, Luft FC
Postgraduate Medical Journal 76: 426-428 (06/2000)
<b>Turkish pepper (extra hot)</b> View Paper (pdf, 193 KB)